You don’t have anything to hide, right?


Or do you? You’ve heard the argument before. Only people who have something to hide, should value their right (and duty, I’ll elaborate shortly) to privacy. If you have nothing to hide, then you should be ready and willing to disclose information, grant access to your property, be recorded, be logged, be identified, tagged, located and on record. Seems reasonable. … Continue reading

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Lets talk about those New Year’s Resolution(s) you made.

  Happy new year! Now that all the excitement and delusional good wishing is over, lets talk a little about that new years resolution(s) you made. Like most people, you boldly faced the incoming year and resolved to improve your life. Most people choose from the following list: Stop Smoking Improve Diet Exercise Read More Write a book (blog etc.) … Continue reading

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Stressed? Anxious? Nervous? Worried? Perhaps this will help…


This track off my upcoming album Denouement, is designed consciously, to relax and bring calm, and de-stress you. The careful use of tempo, gentle instrument introduction, white space (for which the track is named); along with specially crafted, deep and warm synthetic musical backdrop and a colourful musical experience will take you away from all your worries, leaving you with … Continue reading

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Sales : Anyone can learn how to sell and love it.

You can learn to sell and love it.

An ode to the life and art of a salesman You see that there is a new email in your inbox. Glimpsing at the title, you realise you have stopped breathing. Click. You have to force yourself to read the email. You know you have been working on the client for ages, you know it is possible that this is … Continue reading

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Protected: Hey boy, hey girl! Thoughts on Modern Relationship Identity.

The modern family.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Chopin :: The greatest musical composer of all time; or great music they will not play on the radio.

The musical master

Before I go on about this guy, and music and his genius, take a moment to listen to this soft piece, just listen to the first minute or so if you like, you can always come back to it. Go on, you’ll like it, I promise. Ok, so we will do a quick tour of some of the best romantic … Continue reading

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